• Merlon Harper

Our Farm Origin Story

In August of 2007, my husband Joe and I stumbled on what we thought was the most beautiful property located in Covington, GA. We fell in love, which led us to ponder the question of should we leave Stone Mountain's urban living for a rural homestead.

We decided to take the chance. I was excited about the opportunity to get back to my roots. After all, I grew up in a rural area and my father was a farmer. Planting

and harvesting is in my blood.

Before building on the land, we began planting; we started with two blueberry

bushes. Over the years we planted more because the fruit was so delicious, and

touted tons of health benefits. As our bounty grew, so did the visits of our friend's during blueberry season. We continued to add more rabbit eye blueberry varieties because they grow best in Georgia. The planting increased and so did the harvest, until it was more than we were capable of consuming and sharing with friends.

Our daughter suggested that we create a u-pick blueberry business. So, we visited

our county officials and completed the process to become an official farm. We

decided on the name Deer Creek Farm because the deer roam free here and will

eat anything in their path, except the blueberries. We now offer pesticide free

blueberries available for u-pick or pre-picked for you. Although blueberries are

our specialty, we also have muscadines, figs, and a variety of garden vegetables.

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